Monday, January 13, 2014

Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1/13/14

What do we know about Tom so far?  Pick one character trait, and then give at least two examples from the text that show why this trait is evident in Tom.

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  1. We have learned that Tom Sawyer is a clever person. The first time he shows this trait is when he ditches school to go swimming. His Aunt Polly sews his shirts so that when he takes it off she will know. Tom has to take it off to go swimming but he is clever because when he is done he sews the shirt back together. The second time Tom shows cleverness is when he doesn't want to whitewash the fence. Boys come over and he says they can’t do it because they would have to do it perfect like he does. So they want to do it even more, Tom takes advantage of this and makes the boys pay him to do his work.

  2. I know that Tom is very clever. He tricked some of his friends into whitewashing the fence and he got prizes out of it also. He told his friends that his aunt wanted it a certain way and he said that his friends could not do it a certain way that aunt Polly likes it. His friends wanted to make it perfect so they are like, we will pay you for it because we can make it perfect. Tom was very clever to get them to whitewash the fence and get prizes from them. The second clever thing that Tom did is get his friends to do his work. He hates work so much and his friends did it for him because he bribed them. He was like, well if you whitewash my the fence, I will show what is under the bandage. Tom is a very clever boy and he just had to sit and relax while his friends were sweating and working away for him.

  3. Tom Sawyer is a very clever character, he is especially clever when he gets other boys to whitewash the fence. He gets them to do this because he bribed them and tricked them into it. He said that it has to be perfect and he did not really trust the other boys, this really got the other boys into it; so the boys paid Tom and got to whitewash the fence.

    Tom was also clever when he traded his goods and traded them for tickets so he could get a bible. This is clever because he gets more tickets and ends up trying to show off. Most people do not think of trading goods, so they can get tickets. Those are the a couple of the reasons of how Tom shows cleverness.

  4. Tom Sawyer is very clever. He tricks boys into doing his chores and gets a bible to impress a girl. When Tom’s aunt Polly made Tom do his chores he was very clever and knew what to do. He was painting the fences when one of the neighborhood boys came over. He told him that he couldn’t paint as good as Tom. All the kids gave Tom toys and nick nacks so they could do his chores.
    At Sunday school Tom got enough tickets to get a ible from trading with a boy. To impress Becky he went up to the teacher and got his bible and impressed Becky and her father. He was very clever about this plan.
    - Maddie

  5. I think Tom is a trickster. He shows this when he whitewashes the fence and he pretends it is very fun so that he can have fun. So he carries out this plan and people want to do it so bad because he says it’s so fun that kids give him things in order to do it and Tom gets out of having to work and gets toys and other goods. Also Tom is a trickster because he went and swam and tricked his aunt into thinking he didn’t swim and if it weren't for Sid telling on him he would have gotten away with it.

  6. One trait that I think Tom has is being sneaky/clever. A reason that I think he is very sneaky is because he had other boys doing his chores. When Tom had a bunch of other people doing his work and basically paying him to do it. I think that is really sneaky because he got other boys to pay him to do his chores, and they don’t even realize that their doing his work and paying him to do it.
    Another reason why I think Tom is sneaky is because when he told the person that he had stopped to talk to Huck he got in trouble and got to sit with Becky. I think that was sneaky because Tom wanted to sit with the girls, so he knew if he got himself in trouble he would get to sit by the girls. To Tom that was a treat so I think that was really sneaky of him.

  7. Tom shows that he is very clever, he can trick boys into washwhiting a fence plus he can get away with lots of things under his aunts nose. not to say that his aunt is rather clever as well, she will sew up his shirt in order to make sure that he does not go swimming, he took it off anyway and then sewed it back up himself yet his aunt did not notice until sid told her that it was a different color. Tom can also trick the other boys into white washing the fence, plus he gets stuff out of it, Tom is clever but sometimes not wise, and he can be blinded by love, he began the think slightly differently after he discovered Becky Thatcher.
    -Rebecca K.

  8. In the book called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer one of Tom’s traits are cleverness because when Aunt Polly tells Tom to whitewash the fence and he tricks Ben into doing his chores. Tom even gets more rewards when he barely did any of the whitewashing work.

    Tom is also clever because when he sees Becky, he really does like her. Tom’s old girlfriend Amy gets mad because Tom likes Becky. He was was clever to choose Becky over Amy because amy is spiteful. -Max

  9. Tom Sawyer blog post ⇓
    Tom Sawyer is very clever, he tricks his friends into doing his chores for him and he gets them to pay him for it. I think he is clever when he tricks his friends into whitewashing the fence because he tells them that his aunt wants it perfect, and that he can do it perfect but they can’t. Since his friends think it has to be perfect they want to do it and they tell him they will give him stuff for if he will let them.
    I think he is also clever when he uses the stuff that he got from his friends for tickets to get a bible. When Tom gets to church he walks around trading his toys and trinkets with other boys for tickets that you can earn by reciting verses from the bible. After he collects all the tickets he needs he goes up and shows Mr. Walters his tickets to earn his bible.

  10. One trait that I think Tom Sawyer has is that he is very clever. One reason why I think this is that one time Tom Sawyer tricked a bunch of boys into whitewashing a fence for him when he was getting all this cool stuff. I personally think that, that was clever and rude of him. Another reason why I think that Tom Sawyer is clever is how he tricked his brother, Sid, into thinking that Tom was dying. I personally think that Tom Sawyer is very clever but he uses his cleverness in a wrong way that is troublesome. That is why I think that Tom Sawyer is very clever.