Monday, November 11, 2013


Students, we are beginning our journey to learn about our mindsets.  Mindsets are beliefs that we each hold about our abilities.  In a Fixed Mindset, people believe that basic qualities such as intelligence and abilities are fixed, and cannot be developed.  They believe that only talent creates success.  They see effort as a sign of weakness.

People who have a Growth Mindset believe that they can develop their brain, their abilities, their talents.  This view creates a love for learning, a drive for growth, and a resiliency that is essential for great accomplishments.  They see effort as a strategy needed to reach their full potential.

Think of a time when you have encountered a Fixed Mindset.  It could be something that you believe about yourself, it could be an example from a book or a movie.  In your first paragraph, describe the fixed mindset.  In your second paragraph, describe a time when you have noticed a Growth Mindset.  It could also be an example from your life, or an example from a book or a movie.

Finally, make sure to read through the posts and comment on their thinking and their stories.  Comments should be thoughtful and add value to the conversation. I am eager to hear your thinking and your experiences about this!